Your light may be dim but don’t let it go out.

black woman cryingIn one decision, everything you’ve worked for, to get to this point, is wiped away. You find yourself standing in an empty place. Unfillable. Nothing to be poured.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, wondering how did you ever get to this point. You’re desperate but your facade won’t let you cry out.

You’ve gone so far that you don’t even see a way back.. not a bread crumb in sight. You wonder to yourself how can I even return.

There are so many of us suffering in silence, including myself, we’ve gone one way when God called us another. We’ve ignored the small still voice telling us NO and made a decision to do what our flesh wanted to do.

Now we’re left dealing with the aftermath and it’s not pretty. We feel distant. The enemy has us right where he wants us… alone. We don’t hear that small still voice that says daughter i love you, come back to me, i forgive you, let me hold you.. instead what we hear is, you’ll never be forgiven, you can’t go back now, this mistake is to big, do you know what people will say about you.

Listen, I know what you’re going through, I’ve been there, I’m THERE NOW. However, I don’t believe God brought me this far to leave me now and if He didn’t leave me, He surely didn’t leave you. I know that sometimes when we sin we feel distanced from God but that’s when we need Him the most. We don’t always do right, we’re not perfect, we will make mistakes but they are not BIGGER than our God. Not the omnipresent God, not the God who defeated the grave, not the God that owns the whole world. That God… That God loves you, He knows how many hairs are upon your head, He knows everything you’ll do before you even do it but yet still loves you. Yet still does He have a plan and future for you.

So let’s remove the facade, let’s remove the mask.. it’s okay to show that we’re human. Let’s repent, let’s ask God for forgiveness, get back up and continue down the path. Sin has no power over us. We have nothing to be ashamed of. There are so many people counting on us. It’s not just about us, it’s so much bigger than us.

Say this prayer with prayer with me:
Lord God, I repent of my sin (name your sin).
I’m asking for your forgiveness and asking that you help me to forgive myself.
I never want to take advantage of your grace but I thank you that it’s there when I need it.
Lord, because of your mercy I can start again.
Help me to be disciplined and remove all distractions and hindrances.
Bring people into my life that won’t judge me based off of my mistakes but that will love me through them.
Lord God I surrender all I am over to you and may I do this daily.
In Jesus name,

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