5 types of men women should avoid… RUN!

We all know ladies who end up with men they can’t stop complaining about.

Is irunt true that you attract who you are or is it true that you attract who you put up with?

I remember the days of all my complaining and I can only imagine how my friends felt but now that I know better, I try to do better. I don’t go out here falling for these guys and settling because my Heavenly Father said that He would give me all the desires of my heart.

I mean let’s face it who wants to be with someone that they have to complain about everyday.

Below you’ll find 5 men that I avoid at all cost. I’ve compiled this list from my everyday interactions with women and from my own experiences.

1. The Seller

This is the type of guy who’s constantly selling you dreams. He plays on your vulnerability. He is the type to appear to hit every point on your wishlist, he’s everything you could ever imagine. He always over exaggerating about himself and making promises he doesn’t plan on keeping. He’ll likely be the one telling you “yea yea we can get married one day” and it’s been 5 years since you’ve had that conversation.

Why should we avoid this type? Well, it’s simple, HE’S A LIAR. Ladies, come on we don’t need false promises and Happily Never Afters. You want a man of integrity. A man that can truly provide what he’s selling. It’s not just talk, it’s not just game to get you into his bed. A real man wouldn’t want to weaken a woman, he would want to help make her stronger.

2. The Lazy Guy

This type of guy never wants to do for himself. He doesn’t contribute to the household, he’s laying on your couch while you’re at work and he’s still there when you return home from work. The lazy man isn’t productive at all and he’s probably looking for a hand out. The lazy man lacks ambition and he’s unmotivated.

Why should we avoid this type? He’s not looking for a wife, he’s looking for a MOTHER or quite possibly a MAID. Who wants a lazy man, the bible says that the men should be head, well some of us are walking around headless. You have to be careful with lazy men, because laziness is contagious and you know the old saying, you are who you hang out with. Woman up and tell that man to get up and do something! You need a man with VISION. Drive. And determination.

3. The Arrogant Guy

This is the guy who thinks every woman wants him, he thinks that his looks or money will win you over. This type of guy is pompous and thinks that the world revolves around him. He’s probably always posted up in the club VIP, popping bottles and snapping pictures with the club models. You’ll probably find him flexing his muscles at the gym and being a show off. He’s usually condescending and in the words of Bey “has a big ego”.

Why should we avoid this type? Uh, I’m sorry, threes a crowd. There’s no room for him, his ego and you. He’s more of a diva than you are. He lacks humility. I mean if he has to be this arrogant, then clearly he’s lacking in other areas. (No ladies, I’m not talking about below the waist) Guys like this usually lack personality and rarely show respect to women.

4. The Cheater

We all know this guy. This is the one who doesn’t want to settle down. Mr. eat his cake and have it too. This is one who always has his phone locked down, as if it has the map to the Da Vin Ci code in it or something. He always has excuses about why he didn’t pick up his phone. He’s very secretive. He’s a deflector, meaning that when you ask him certain questions, he’ll always find a way to change the topic.

Why should we avoid this type? That’s easy… You deserve better. Why are you settling for  piece of man, when God has a whole man out here for you. Why are you living your life in complete stress, wondering what he’s doing and who’s he with? Who wants to have to go through his phone and play Carmen San Diego (detective)? It’s too much. Too stressful. This guy will have you on an emotional roller coaster. Get off ! Don’t wait. Jump! Run!

5. The Unsaved Guy

This man will not understand your relationship with Christ. He will test your relationship and your will. This guy will not draw you closer to God as your connections should but instead he will attempt to pull you away. He will push boundaries and he will attempt to use you relationship with Christ against you. He will more than likely try to discourage you from spending time with God.

Why should we avoid this type? That’s easy, God said so in His word. He states, that we should not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. You don’t need anyone challenging your relationship with Christ and you certainly don’t need anyone trying to make you feeling guilty. Why would you want someone who’s going to challenge all your decisions to obey and honor God? I mean fighting with the enemy is enough.

Ladies, I know some of these guys can be appealing but what can a relationship with these men bring besides heartache, pain and misery. We’ve got to do better with the type of men we let into our lives. We can’t keep allowing our emotions to keep us with men who mean us no good. I mean think about it like this, the longer you hold on to the wrong man, the longer it takes for God to bring you the right man.

I know sometimes it’s hard to disconnect yourself from someone that you’ve connected with emotionally, but wouldn’t you rather go through a few weeks of misery than a whole life of pain?

I encourage you to examine your relationships, no I’m not saying that your relationships should be perfect but what I am saying is that at the very least, it should make you HAPPY. If you’re doing more complaining than laughing, then you should really consider if the relationship is worth it.




One thought on “5 types of men women should avoid… RUN!

  1. Awesome! I couldn’t have put it better. Valid points you’ve got there. Those points you listed are the ones I’m careful not to entangle myself in but others view it as being too careful. It isn’t though.”Of what use is a relationship if it makes you unhappy?

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