The Wait… My Story.

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You heard of it, on television, radio and even seen it in the bookstores and on websites. This book is growing more popular by the second. I have to admit that I’m enjoying the book. Not that The Wait is anything new, however in a sex crazed world, it’s certainly a breath of fresh air.

I’ve been celibate going on 5 years, so I’ve been “waiting” but it’s awesome to know that this unlikely choice is becoming more and more desired.

My own choice to wait came after 5 abortions, 7 different sexual partners including the father of my child, with whom I was in relationship with for 10 years. It wasn’t really that hard of a decision, I just stopped. One day I just didn’t desire it anymore. Just like that my need for that stimulating feeling just dried up.

I can remember during that time in my life, I always thought of sex as a high. That was my drug of choice. I would always have to have that feel good feeling, so if I couldn’t have actual sex, I would masturbate. I would watch porn. I did what I needed to do to feel that climatic feeling.

Clearly at this time in my life, I didn’t value my body. Having sex was clouding my judgment, had I not been involved in that behavior, I would have made wiser choices when it came to giving my body away freely. I mean how it that Jesus paid a price for me, the son of God, the king of kings and here I am just giving myself away to people who couldn’t pay the cost to be with me. Although there is no monetary cost on my body, there is a cost of love, respect and commitment.

And there is a cost for you too.

In my celibacy, I’ve noticed how unclouded my judgement has been, how I am able to make sound decisions on who I spend my time with and how I spend my time.

Just as they said in the book, the wait isn’t about punishment. I actually find it quite rewarding. Choosing to wait, actually keeps you from wasting time. You are no longer a slave to your feelings and emotions. Your perception of a potential mate isn’t distorted. You can really see someone for who they truly are when sex is off the table.

Is choosing to wait EASY. No, but I can tell you through experience, it’s worth it. I wish I knew then what I know now.

Which is why I started a business based on the christian principle of celibacy, purity and abstinence. I’m on a pursuit of becoming that Titus 2 woman, that says the older women are to teach what is good.

My hope is that through my transparency, that you can find your true value. For God said, you worth is far above rubies (Proverbs 31:10) and whether you choose to believe it or not, you are precious to God. I want women (and men too) to know that YOU ARE WORTH THE WAIT.

It’s not to late to realize your worth and demand that others see it too. You can start your own story of “the wait” today, right now. It’s sure to be a story of courage and bravery.

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