So You’re Thinking About Marriage? 5 Women NOT Ready For Marriage.

When we’re young, we read about Prince Charming coming and sweeping the Princess off their feet and riding off on a horse to their happily ever after. It’s like it’s embedded in our heads. We grow up thinking that’s how it’ll be until all of sudden, we learn that it’s just a fairy tale, a story.

As I was sitting and thinking about my own Prince Charming, and talking with God and asking him when he’s going to come. The Lord showed me myself.woman thinking bubbleHow many times do we think to ourselves, this is the type of man I want. Or when you see a man displaying characteristics that are ones you want in your husband, you say Lord send me someone like that. We spend more time talking about what kind of man we want verses what kind of woman we are.

If the saying, you attract what you are is even a tad bit true, then it makes you think, am I worthy of the man I’m waiting for? See it’s unfair to expect so much from him and place less expectations on ourselves.

So when God showed me myself, I started writing down the things I seen. It made me think, am I the type of woman someone is looking for. Through this personal analysis of myself came my next blog.

Here’s my list of 5 types of women who are not ready for marriage.


Now while we all deal with insecurities, there are some woman who are driven by theirs. Meaning, they are always talking about themselves in a negative manner or fishing for compliments to help boost their self esteem. The insecure woman usually is over flirtatious and wants to be the center of attention. She depends on reactions from others.

As women we should never go into a marriage expecting to get our self worth from our husband. It is God who has set our worth and it is our husbands who is to uphold that standard. Relying on your spouse to set your self worth be a dangerous game- they are there to affirm but our worth was never to meant to be set by them.


Of course, we don’t always have everything figured out but you should at least know if you want to be in a committed relationship or know if you want to get married. We all know the bible tells us confusion is not of the Lord, so why is it that one day we say we want to get married and then two weeks later, we’ve changed our minds. This could be the reason you’re single. You have no resolve about your future.

What man wants to put his all into a relationship, he isn’t sure is going anywhere. Why should he put himself out there and pursue you, if he you’re unsure if you even want to be in a relationship. Remember healthy relationships are marked by peace, not by doubt and fear.


This is the woman, who wants to take on lead role, wants to be control of everything. In other words, she wants to wear the pants in the relationship. I don’t know if you know this or not but God didn’t intend two men to be in a relationship together. He also didn’t design women to be the head. (1 Corinthians 11) So if you’re the type of woman who always has an opinion about how he dresses, how he eats, how he speaks and who he’s friends with, then you may find yourself single a little bit longer. No man wants a control freak.

After all, you’re not his mama, he has already left the nest and raising a man is NOT your job. So stop trying to control everything about him.


This is the woman, who makes the relationship the center of her universe. Everything she does is based on this relationship. She has no friends outside of this relationship, she has no interest or activities outside of the relationship. She just wants to be around the one she’s married to 24/7. She hangs out with his friends, she’s always tagging along for the boys night out. Now don’t get me wrong, we all know relationships go through that honey moon stage, however, being too clingy can be unhealthy for both parties involved. Ladies, let me give you some advice, get-a-life.

No man is going to be able to spend every minute of every day with you. I mean how can he miss you, if you’re always around. You need time a part, he needs guy time and you need girl time. So get yourself a hobby or friends of your own.


Let it go. Why are you always mad at your family, at your friends, at society. Always arguing with your co-workers. I mean, you’re just mad at life. Nothing makes you happy. You’re always into some drama. And it’s always someone elses fault.

Men don’t want to be with an angry woman. Listen as men, they already face so much out in the world. They don’t want to come home to your drama too. And no, I’m not saying you have to hide your feelings, however, you do need to know how to bring your emotions under subjection and not let them rule you. Men are strong, but I don’t know any man that is strong enough to take on a angry woman. There will always be a lack of communication and there’s always going to be blame game.  Proverbs 21:19 It’s better to live alone in the desert, than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife.

Now I know none of you who are reading this is any of these women… right? LOL

While I know I won’t ever be perfect, I still know there are still areas in which I can improve. God wouldn’t have wanted me to look inward if that were not the case. So instead of focusing  on getting married, I’m going to focus on myself. I’m going to continue to build my empire, my ministry and allow God to mold me into the a suitable wife.

I would hate to ask God to send me the one and when He arrived, not be ready.





One thought on “So You’re Thinking About Marriage? 5 Women NOT Ready For Marriage.

  1. I like how you emphasized the emotionalism aspects. No one is perfect, but the extreme sides of these characteristics are damaging. Acknowledging where growth and maturity is needed is the key, and when we practice in growth, it’s great to look back on how far you come.


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