Praying For My Future Husband

I don’t know about you, but I know God has someone out here for me. Someone he has molded specifically for me. Someone for me to do life with, to do destiny with.

Even after being single for 6 years, I still believe that. Up until last year I would just sit around and wait, until I came across a prayer challenge where they were praying for their future husbands.

It made so much sense, why do I need to wait until I’m married to start praying like a wife? My future husband needs covering now.

So I joined the challenge and even after the challenge ended,  I continue to pray.

Here’s 3 areas in which you can use to start your own prayer challenge for your future husband.

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  1. His relationship with Christ

We know that the Lord is the center of it all and He will certainly be the center of my marriage. So I pray prayers regarding my future husband’s spiritual maturity. I pray that he understands how our marriage should be a reflection of Christ and the Church. I also pray that through his relationship with Christ, that he learns how to be an effective leader. I pray that my future husband’s heart is aligned with Christ. It’s so important that he knows Christ and that he puts his relationship with Christ first.

Sample prayer: Lord, I pray that my future husband is committed to his relationship with you. I pray that each and every day he is maturing and growing in wisdom in all areas of his life. I pray that he is fervently studying your word and putting your word to action. Lord guide him in all truth and knowledge and help him to learn how to lead like you. Align his heart with yours so that he is able to take on your mindset concerning marriage and family. In Jesus name, Amen.

2. Purity

This is a huge one. We live in a world where it’s so easy to get exposed to sex so I pray for my future husbands ear gates and eye gates. I know that wherever he turns he will likely see something sexual, so it’s important to pray his strength in this area. I even pray about his previous relationships and that he has been delivered and healed. I also know that the Jezebel spirit is real, so I always make sure I pray against that controlling and manipulating spirit. I pray that he is committed to pleasing God in this area because I know it takes a strong man to stand on the side of what’s right.

Sample prayer: Lord, I know that there is much out here today that can cause a man to fall into temptation so I am praying today that my future husbands eyes be set on you. I pray that he has made the choice to honor you with his body and that he is focused on keeping his promise. I pray against every Jezebel spirit that would try to control and manipulate him into making choices that wouldn’t please you. Give him strength in this area. I ask that every soul tie be broken in the name of Jesus and that no residue be left from previous relationship. I pray that he be healed and delivered. In Jesus name, Amen.

3. Identity

It’s so important that your future husband understand who he is, not only as a man but as a man of God. When a man lacks identity, he lacks purpose and if he lacks purpose then he doesn’t need a help meet (a wife). So I pray for my husband’s identity, I pray that he finds who he is in and through Christ. I always pray against generational curses and word curses. It’s tough out here to be a man, everyone has an idea of who and what you should be, but I pray daily that He seeks the Lord regarding his identity. I pray that he has the endurance to continue to strive for his purpose and passion. I also pray that he enters into the fullness of who God called him to be.

Sample prayer: Lord, I know that my future husband is under constant attack concerning the area of his purpose. I know the devil would love nothing more than for him to just give up but today I pray against every attack that would come his way. I pray against every word curse that has been spoken over his life contrary to what You have said and called him to be. Help him to recognize generational curses in his bloodline, so that he may confront them and break them. I pray continuously that he be the strong leader that You’ve made him to be. I pray that he seeks you more than ever and that with every encounter, he’s refreshed and able to endure what comes. I pray that he comes into the fullness of who you have called him to be and that even when he stumbles, he will humble himself and get back up. I know he’s going to be an amazing husband because he has such an amazing example, You. I thank you in advance. In Jesus name, Amen.

It’s important to cover your husband in prayer. Why not get an early start. Husband’s have a great deal of weight on their shoulders and it’s important that you show him that you have his back and the best way to show that is to be a praying wife.

So stop praying for A husband and start praying specific prayers for YOUR husband.

I would love to hear from you and what prayers you are praying. Follow my blog Single Woman’s Diary on WordPress and Follow me on Facebook.




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