Faith Prayer

“O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

That’s what Jesus asked as He extended His hand to save Peter who was drowning.

Peter went from walking on water to being caught up in stormy waters. And it’s all because he took his eyes off of Jesus to focus on the storm.

How many times have you found yourself in Peter’s situation?

You went from confidently pressing towards Jesus to a wind of job loss, to a rising sea of doubt, and  an unmovable mountain of sickness, and all of sudden you began to panic.

Your faith can not be found.

I can honestly say there have been numerous times where my faith has been struck at it’s core and just like Peter I felt like I was drowning.

but why? peter

It’s because in that moment of panic Peter allowed his fear of the storm to grow bigger than God.

Peter knew better. You see Peter knew Jesus and knew of His power, he had been with Jesus as he worked many miracles, but in that moment, he allowed fear to cloud his memory of Jesus. And that’s the same thing that happens to us.

Fear has no business in the same atmosphere as faith. The two can not exist together.

So you will have to choose and I pray that you won’t be like Peter and choose fear but instead continue to look to God’s reaching hand telling you to come to Him.


God I thank you for the faithfulness you’ve shown towards me.

You know the depths of my heart but still love me the same.

I understand that faith is the absolute confidence in something or someone. So I put all of my faith in to you Jesus. The one is who is incomparable, the one who has seen all the days ahead, the one who is unchangeable, my faith lye’s in you.

I pray that my faith continue to be rooted in you, I pray that the vine of my faith forever connect to yours.

Every day I rise I shall take up the shield of faith, which extinguishes the arrows of the enemy.

I won’t grow weary, I won’t faint and I won’t give up.

I prophesy that no fear can hinder me, for I know that fear and faith can not exist together.

So just as you kept the faith even unto the cross, so shall I.

And though my faith be tested, though it shake, though it rock… it will never die.

In Jesus name,





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