I’m not your wife!

So lately I find myself saying to a lot of women, I’m not doing that, I’m not his wife and you shouldn’t be doing that either.

I mean in what world am I to cook dinner for my “boyfriend” every night, no ma’am,  I’m not doing that. Nor am I washing his clothes, do I look like I’m his wife? Sure I could be his potential wife but as of today I am not, so I’m not bending over backwards for a boyfriend.

I find that a lot of women are out here giving “boyfriends” husband privileges. So I just wanted to break down the rules that I live by, no way am I saying this is what YOU have to do but I tell you what, following these rules haven’t ever left me in a compromising situation, nor has it left me with a broken heart.couple-4

I’m not your wife Rule #1:

No Shacking Up. No sir. Until I’m your wife, you will have your own space and I will have mines. There is no reason I should be living with someone, splitting bills, if we can’t commit to one another in the presence of God and family. This my friend, is how you become a lifelong girlfriend. And I wasn’t created to be a man’s girlfriend.

I’m not your wife Rule #2:

No I’m not Sexing it Up. I’m sorry, I learned my lesson 5 years ago, sleeping with a man doesn’t make him commit any faster. So you can just go ahead and stop thinking that right now. And certainly having a baby with him, won’t make him stay. So I’ll take my chances waiting until marriage to give myself sexually to a man. Besides, sex before marriage, clouds your judgement and when you’re not able to think straight, you don’t make wise decisions. Sex before marriage is a trap, don’t fall for it.  If he can’t wait for you then he’s not planning to marry you.

I’m not your wife Rule #3

No second base. Yeah un unh. That will only lead to sexing it up. So keep your hands to yourself. I reserve those flirty intimate moments for my husband. Lately, I’ve even been contemplating not kissing before marriage. So far, I’m for it. Kissing is too intimate for me to just do it with anyone. But hey I say go on how you feel. But personally I won’t play fight, no cuddling, no late night outings, no peck on the lips- I’m not doing anything that could potentially risk my purity.

I understand that most women think if they treat a man like their husband that he’ll pop the question and they will live happily ever. But we all know that nothing can make a man marry you, if they want to they will and if they don’t they won’t. No matter what you do for them.

Let me ask you this, haven’t you ever ended a relationship and wonder why you did all that you did? I mean you cooked, you cleaned, you laid on your back, you washed his clothes, you did everything. But you have nothing to show for it. Now you’re wondering if you should have even did it at all.

That was me and I vowed that I would never be a wife to boyfriend EVER again. You will not get husband privileges from me. Yes, I’m single but I’m single a free, I have clarity and I know my worth. I’ll take that over being in a relationship, miserable with low self-esteem.

If you don’t hear anything I’m saying, hear this-  if he wants you to treat him like a husband then tell him to change your last name.





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