The Counterfeit

The enemy knows exactly what you want in a man. When we’re having girl talk with our friends or when we are talking with ourselves about the qualities we want in a man, the enemy is listening and  you can bet that he is devising a plan to distract you.

Enter the counterfeit.

He may have succeeded a time or two or three… yes that guy from freshman year was a counterfeit and so was the guy from graduation. Ok. Ok. Ok. Him too. But wait we don’t have to go down memory lane, let’s just refocus here.

The point of this blog is to share with you ways you can identify a counterfeit so we no longer get tricked by the enemy. Now if you can’t get pass his physical appearance then it will be hard for you to even see through to his heart. The heart reveals all things.

Being single for seven years has definitely taught me how to identify a counterfeit.

Counterfeits pretend they respect your boundaries. When really all they do is test them.

Counterfeits pretend to live by biblical principles. When really all they do is flirt with sin.

Counterfeits are very prideful. Not a humble bone in their bodies.

Counterfeits are good pretenders. In public they will act like the good Christian man but behind closed doors he will be the total opposite.

Be careful or you will fall into the trap.

Counterfeits don’t have any real intentions. They drag you along, making promises they never plan on committing to.

Counterfeits will also attempt to seduce you with what they have; cars and money. They flash it around as if it’s all they have to offer. I guess they never listened to that LL Cool J song when he said “man makes the money, money never makes the man”

Counterfeits appear to be the real thing. But they aren’t. They are just wolves in sheep’s clothing.. or coating. (I never really knew what they were saying, but it’s still a really good quotes).

They come to rob you of what God is preparing for you. Which is why you have to be able to recognize them when they come along. Being involved with a counterfeit doesn’t lead you any closer to the altar, in fact it leads you further away.

Having the ability to recognize a counterfeit also saves you from heartache. You won’t have to ugly cry in your pajamas while you sing along to Beyonce’ – To the left To the left, everything you own is in the box to the left.. you know getting your Lemonade on.


Girl  counterfeits don’t care anything about your soul, all they care about is….  well you know what they care about.

Don’t get caught up Ladies.

I certainly hope that this article was helpful to you. I know I am a much better woman because of my past experiences and I hope what I went through could help save you from broken heart.

You can purchase one of my unisex t-shirts if you’re done with counterfeits. This is just a small campaign until I launch my Allergic to Counterfeits course in 2017.





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