Single for the Holidays Survival Kit

Another holiday..SINGLE. Trust me I understand. Your younger cousins have gotten married, your younger sister is in engaged and you’re still JUST a brides maid.

And still another topic of conversation at the dinner table.

The holidays can be a bit frustrating for us singles, so that’s why I’ve put together a survival kit to help you get through this season.

Be your own Santa.

You don’t need to have a boyfriend to receive a gift. Go out and buy exactly what you want. For yourself. When you’re your own Santa, you can ensure you won’t be disappointed. So splurge sister. Get those diamond earrings you’ve been eyeing all year or that dress you seen in the magazine that you wanted to wear to the company’s Christmas Party. Don’t hold back. You deserve it!

Pamper yourself.

Before you head to your parents house for the holidays, I know how happy you will be answering questions on why you’re still single, book you a day at the spa. Get your hair done, nails done, fleek your brows and even throw in a massage. Distress yourself from the woes of the year. Being single for the holidays means you don’t have to feel guilty about taking care of yourself first.

Attend a Holiday Party.

Go out. Have fun. Don’t sit in the house sulking. Get out there. Throw on that dress you brought yourself, pull out your favorite red lipstick and hit the town. Holiday party’s are a great way to get your mind off of being single and who knows you could bump into your future husband while you’re out on the dance floor.

Change your focus.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have. You have good health, a job, a roof over your head and a family that loves you. It’s easy to think about how you’re still single but no one ever became grateful thinking about what they didn’t have. Instead they focused on what they did have and they enjoyed their portion. Happily.


And lots of it. Take it in large doses. You will need it. I don’t know how your holiday dinners go but at my house there’s always questions about why I’m still single. No one seems to understand that being single is a choice. Meaning I’m choosing not to enter in a relationship prematurely just to say I have someone. No way! That’s a sure-a-fide way to end up in divorce court. No thanks! I rather wait a little while longer. So take it from me, I have plenty of experience with this and prayer will help get you through all the questions. when-your-family-ask-png

Listen the holiday season doesn’t have to be dreadful. It’s all in what you make of it. You can choose to enjoy it or you can choose to be depressed. It’s your choice. But I encourage you to choose to be HAPPY.

I hope you find this SURVIVAL KIT useful and that it helps you get through these next couple of weeks.

New Year’s will be here before you know it and you’ll have 364 days before you have to worry about this again. Well maybe.







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