My Top 5 Relationship Goals: Celebrity Edition

#RelationshipGoals This has got to be the most used hashtag of 2016. In fact according to Instagram it was used over 4 millions times. Yikes!

For those that may have been under a rock for the entire 2016, relationship goals is a phrase that refers to admirable relationships. It’s commonly used to describe a couple or an action by the couple that you may want to achieve in your own relationship. (

Here are some of the marriages that made it on my #RelationshipGoals list.

The Obamas

the-presThe Obamas are definitely relationship goals. I mean who wouldn’t want to be like them. They’ve been in office for 8 years and not one scandal about their marriage. Not one. I chose the Obamas as relationship goals because they are a POWER couple. They compliment each other. They get the job done. They’ve literally taken over the world. Lyrics from that Fabolous song comes to mind:

I’m a movement by myself but I’m a force when we’re together….


The Reynolds

blake-and-ryan The Reynolds are certainly on my list of couples I admire. I love their adoration for each other. Whenever you see them, they are always smiling and gazing into one another’s eyes. It’s so romantic. Who doesn’t need romance in their relationship? Romance is what keeps the relationship alive. Another reason why I love them is because they aren’t afraid to show how much they adore each in public. It’s not overly done, it’s just the right amount.



The Tatums

channing-tatum-and-wife Besides Channing being Bae goals, I chose this couple because of their fun nature. I’m someone who likes to laugh and joke, so it’s important that my husband like to do the same. I don’t like being too serious all the time, you need time where you can just unwind. Plus they say laughter is good for the soul. Laughing keeps everything funky fresh lol


The Carters

the-carters I mean HELLO! Anybody can see why people would choose them as relationship goals. However, I’m sure my reason is different from others. I chose The Carters because they are FAMILY goals. I love their family. They are always doing things as a family. And that’s exactly how I want my family to be. Listen, I can’t wait to be jet setting and going across the globe with my little family. Preaching. Public Speaking. Building. Whatever the Lord mandates for our union. Family is everything and I can’t wait to make memories with them.


The Beckhams

the-beckhams Now besides the fact that they are one of the hottest looking celebrity couples, I chose the Beckhams because of how private they are. You don’t usually hear much about them and I love that. They don’t have to be the center of attention. They much rather keep to themselves and their friends and family. They don’t get lost in the world of being a celebrity. That’s exactly how I want my relationship to be. I’m a private person, I stay to myself and I want my relationship with husband to be the same. I want us to have a circle of people that we share with but I don’t want the whole world to know everything about us. We all know when everyone knows everything about your relationship, it can put pressure on it or even ruin it.


While I love these couples and traits about them, I remember not to idolize them. I know my marriage will be my own and it won’t be anything like any other marriages out here.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post coming Friday!





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