Abstaining from Sex: The Ammunition You Need


I know it’s a real enemy out there and he doesn’t play fair. I mean he’s using every dirty trick in the book; I mean just sneaky, conniving and underhanded but I’ve got news for you. You can pass the test.

Check out my latest article on Married and Young to find ways that you can use weapons already in your arsenal to fight back against the enemies tactics.




One thought on “Abstaining from Sex: The Ammunition You Need

  1. I am in my mid fourties and single. I’ve been single for several years but recently single and celibate x 1 1/2 yrs. I’ am a very driven woman and have been able to accomplish a lot. In my younger years I could not even fathom submitting and being married. Well at that time I was not saved and was not going to church. In recent years I started going to church, got baptized, and fully active in church and I love it. Now I can honestly say that I want to be in Godly relationship that leads to marriage. I’am feeling a little overwhelmed by this but at the same time excited. Can you suggest scriptures or books that I can read?

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