Why I’m not Waiting for my Husband

Simply put: God told me to live my life.

He spoke it so clearly to me,

What are you waiting for, live, do it now.

That means whatever it is you are putting off, whatever it is you’re waiting to do.. you don’t have to wait. You have the time, so do it now.

I remember when I use to say, I’ll wait for my husband to come before I buy a house. Well what if my husband doesn’t come any time soon, do I have to withhold a dream from myself?

Absolutely not! That’s why I’ve started saving my money and paying off my debt. I’m on a one year plan to purchase my home. Wait for my husband…. I don’t think so.

I’ve made the decision to LIVE my life and to LIVE my best life right now. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so I dare not wait another second on waiting for my husband.

What if my husband doesn’t come for another 10 years?waiting on man meme

And that’s another reason why I’m not waiting for my husband.

I don’t want to live a wasted life. I want to live a poured out life at every stage. I don’t need my husband for that.

Think about how it sounds to say, “I’ll just wait on my husband or when my husband comes into my life, that’s when I’ll do it.” Sister girl what. You mean to tell me you’re going to wait on a man. FOR WHAT? in my Ms. Shirleen voice. What is it that you think he can do for you that God can’t help you with right now? How dare I hold back my talents and treasure.

Listen, I’m just telling what God and I discussed. He said,

I’m already walking with you. I’m your source of help, your source of love,  if a man never comes, you’ll still have that.

One of my fears is having to stand before God and tell Him, I wasn’t able to complete my task. I didn’t finish. And then if I have to add-on the fact that I was waiting for my husband to come so that we could do it together.

I don’t think God gon go for that.

And another thing ladies, I remembered this one thing I read in the bible, my timing is not God’s timing. He knows the desires of my heart and yes He promised to give them to me but He didn’t say when He would. Did you catch that revelation I mean God laid it on me.

So stop waiting around. Better yet, try putting some new desires in your heart. Desire something more than a man.

That’s what I did and that’s why I’m no longer waiting for my husband. I have a life to live NOW. My husband will come when He comes but until then, I’m not sitting around waiting on him. I’m living a life fully poured out.

Here’s to my “Sitting Up In My Room” sisters…


After I finished my conversation with God, I started thinking about what if it’s not about me waiting on my husband, but what if he’s waiting on me.

That’s a new perspective, I know. As women, we like to think we have it all together but we’re growing just like our potential spouse. I started thinking about the list of what I wanted in my husband and then I went back over the list and placed a check next the characteristic or attribute that I possessed.

Talk about eye-opening. How dare I ask for all the things from him, when my life wasn’t  lining up with what I was desiring from my husband.

are you sure that it’s you that’s waiting? what if your husband is actually waiting on you?

Looking at it from that view-point made it easy to understand why I don’t need to wait on my husband. I have much that I need to be doing right now.




3 thoughts on “Why I’m not Waiting for my Husband

  1. Thanks, sister! I was one of those people who kept expecting a husband…And waiting and waiting. Jesus taught me to keep working at doing His will and using my gifts & talents & achieving my dreams! I don’t need to wait for a husband. You made great points about maybe a husband is waiting on us to work on ourselves!


    1. I was too and I’m so thankful to God for speaking that word to me. And honestly when I think about it, I rather my husband find me walking in purpose and living a life poured out. If the saying is true that you attract what you are, then I would want nothing less than a man living a life poured out for Christ. That’s the type of man I want to submit to.

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