Dangers of Waiting on a Man

A mistake women tend to make .. waiting on a man. For whatever the reason they find. I can even remember at one point in my life where I was waiting on man. I was waiting on him to grow up, to choose me. I can even remember telling myself, once he gets it all out of his system then he’ll be ready to settle down. I even prayed to God about him.

Why do we do that ladies? Why do we sit around and wait on a man?

We wait on a man. Then we wait for him to propose. Then we wait for the wedding.

Let me back track, I want to be clear in the message that I send on the this post. Because sometimes we may have to wait .. I mean we don’t want to seem impatient.

But you should never wait on a man if it cost you yourself. That’s too high of a price to pay.

I engage with women quite often and it saddens me to hear that they are just waiting on a man to come or waiting on a man they’ve already committed themselves to. Well I’m here to tell you ladies, that your life is about more than waiting on a man.

Here are some dangers of waiting on a man:

  • Missing the will of God
  • Wasted time
  • Desperation
  • Losing your Identity

woman in carMissing the will of God. You know.. purpose. Destiny. You don’t want to miss that, not for a man especially. It’s important for you to have your own dreams and vision. Use all that energy you’re exerting waiting on a man, begging for a man and thinking all day about a man on  something more productive like that dream and making that become a reality. And what if all your “waiting” has you missing out on what God has for you right now in this current season. Maybe He needs you single to build you up and draw you close to Him. He could also have a new job for you, or He could have a ministry He’s birthing on the inside of you, or He could be providing funds to go on that once in a lifetime trip. But if you’re just sitting around, waiting… on a man, then you will miss all the great things you could be doing right now. Without a man.

Complete waste of time. And if you know anything about time, you can’t get it back. So why waste it? Time is a precious commodity and you want to be sure to take advantage of the time we have. The bible says in James 4, “What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”  We have women out here waiting 10 years for a man – tell me again what you’re waiting on? Contrary to popular belief, men know exactly what they want and if by some slim chance they don’t, trust me when I say this, they know what they don’t want. Ladies stop allowing yourself to be bamboozled, tricked, hoodwinked. You’re waiting and they’re living.

Waiting on a man leads to Desperation. I remember the days I use to be so desperate for a man’s attention, it would drive me to do the most unlady like things. I was discounting myself and lowering  my standards and that’s dangerous. And if truth be told, no man wants a desperate woman. So get this, your desperation actually pushes men away verses drawing them near.  Desperation will have you doing anything just to get a man.

Chasing a man is not winning. The only thing you win is the loss of your dignity. Confidence is knowing your value, instead of expecting a man’s love to provide you with value.

Sis be anxious for nothing… be desperate for only God. Allow Him to satisfy your desires. God actually desires for us to be utterly dependent upon Him.

Now this is what I don’t get, women not knowing who they are. Now don’t get me wrong, finding your identity is an evolution, I don’t honestly think we will ever arrive at this perfect state of being, but come on we’ve got to stop giving up who we are for a relationship. For a man. This is exactly how some of us end up as longtime girlfriends or live in lovers, because we were never rooted in who we were created to be to begin with so we just partnered ourselves with some random dude.

random dude – this is not the man God prepared for you

 I believe the best time to start finding your identity or who you are created to be is during your single years. So why do we spend most of that time sitting around waiting on a man?

How can you continue to wait on a man? That’s a life wasted.

Then when a man comes into our life, we have no idea who we are, so we attach ourselves to their identity. That’s dangerous. Because now you finding identity in man and not God. And to be clear ladies, a man will never be able to give you identity. The reason knowing you identity is so important is because it stops you from chasing after your flesh, it helps to keep you from being fearful of the future and stops you from comparing yourself to others. See the enemy is afraid for us to come into the knowledge of who we are so that’s why he attempts to distract us. Your need for a man is a distraction.

So why are you waiting on a man? How long have you been waiting? How long are you prepared to wait?

the definition of wait is to stay where one is or delay action until a particular time

The problem with waiting ladies, is that many of us wait entirely to long, And all your waiting is wasteful. We have purpose here on earth, we are glory carriers of Christ- would a glory carrier really be waiting on a man?

3 thoughts on “Dangers of Waiting on a Man

  1. A nice read. You’re right. Waiting on a man is a waste of time. I believe a man only plays the “I’m not ready” card when he hasn’t found what he wants. Once he sets eyes on what he’s been searching for, it doesn’t take him long to spring into action, doing everything he could so that, that particular treasure won’t slip through his fingers. We need to learn to live our lives, pursue our goals become better in life. The right one won’t waste your time.

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