All the single ladies, put your hands up: 5 Reasons why men aren’t choosing you

Sorry to have to be so blunt about it but this is a serious issue and I need us to come to an understanding that you may be the reason you’re still single.


  1. Because your attitude stinks. I’m going to go ahead and get that one out the way. You’re always complaining or being negative. You’re very disrespectful and demeaning. I mean come on ladies, you can’t expect anyone to want to be around you when you’re constantly putting off bad vibes. Don’t we have enough bad vibes going around already. So, get rid of the stank attitude, it’s played out.

2. Because you’re too picky. He has to be 6’5, look good in grey sweatpants, wear a size 9 shoe, have muscles, facial hair, a house, good credit, a car, no kids, and be CEO of a company. I mean if you can get all that in one package, amen sister but that is highly unlikely. Now I’m not saying to just be out here with no list but you can’t keep turning down men that aren’t everything on your list because nine times out of ten, THAT MAN DOESN’T EXIST. And let me just keep it all the way real with you, stop being so picky especially when you don’t even possess the qualities you’re looking for.

3. Because you’re using sex as an attraction method. Ever heard the phrase why buy the cow when you’re getting the milk for free. Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing, so why does he need to commit? If he’s getting everything he wants from you right now, what exactly is working towards. Oh and let me let you in on a little secret, sex does not equate to relationship. So stop sleeping with every man you come into contact with, choose to wait for the one who wants to marry you. I guarantee when you take sex off the table, it will wean out those not worth your time.ask me why i'm single

4. Because you’re still caught up on your ex. When men approach you, all you can talk about is how old bae did this and how old bae did that. No man wants to hear about old bae, when he trying to become new bae. Stop blocking all his shots. My advice to you is to just say you’re not open to dating right now. Take time to really get over your last relationship before putting yourself out there for a new one.

5. Because no one knows you’re single. You post all these love songs and quotes all over your social media as if you’re hinting to a relationship. Stop sending mix signals. Or when you’re out and about, you turn down every guy that approaches you. Are you single or nah? I’m not saying you have to send up a red flare or anything but if you want to be in a relationship, then people need to know you’re single. So stop acting like you’re taken.

It’s tough to realize that the reason or reasons you may be single are because of yourself, but in a world where we want to blame everyone else, it’s time that we start looking inward. The sooner you realize why you’re single, the sooner you’ll be able change what needs to be changed.

Remember you’re more likely to attract what you are rather than what you want.



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