#WCW – Week 3

For the next 7 weeks I’ll be posting my #WCW.

These will be women who I’ve seen inspiring and influencing other women to be who God created them to be.

This week’s #WCW is none other than triple threat Le’laMone.

WCW Week_3
IG: HouseofLelaMone IG: IamLelaMone

She’s a fashion designer and stylist, business owner and community builder.


She’s has her own fashion studio where she designs her own line of designs. She also owns her own production studio that puts on fashion show productions around the city of Richmond, Virginia. And if that wasn’t enough, she also is a community builder. She lends her heart to help the homeless and teach sewing classes for young girls.

Me: What/Who drives your success?

Lela’Mone: I’ve always wanted to have my own business and be apart of the fashion & beauty industry being exposed to at such a young age open my eyes. As an adult I now have a purpose behind my drive and its bigger than me. Being a designer, I can express myself through clothing & style I can also help another women feel good about themselves and gain extra confidence. My drive comes within. I can do something totally different but why not do something that’s going to make you happy.

Me: What advice would you give to those wanting to start a business or create a brand?

Lela’Mone: Being a business owner is not easy. It has  many ups & downs and you have to be ready for change in order to grow. I tell people all the time to stay focused, trust the process, stay consistent , remember your why and you will be ok. Also, keep people around you that want to see you grow & people who are already where you want to be, it will keep you hungry for success.

Lela’Mone is certainly a hometown legend and I’m happy to honor her today as my #WCW.

I salute you for being a woman walking in purpose and bringing a whole generation behind you.



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