The Bold Type Review

Have you heard of it? 

O-M-G! Well let me catch you up.

The Bold Type is a show on Free Form and it’s about 3 friends who work at a well-known magazine company. The show is about their lives  and takes place in one of the best cities ever: NEW YORK CITY!

You remember the last show about friends in NYC. Yeah this is quite similar and just as good.

The show tackles current events, love, friendship, dating, relationships and work.

It’s a show for millennial about millennials. FINALLY! A show for us!

Let me introduce you to some of the characters:

Jane Sloan, she recently got promoted as a writer, she’s always wanted to work at Scarlet but she’s having trouble finding her voice and she doesn’t do relationships.. well sort of.

Kat Edison, my favorite character by the way, she’s in control of social media at Scarlet and she is determined and easily the boldest of them all.  She is learning what love feels like, well her kind of love.

Sutton Brady, she’s the friend that has had to work for everything, she starts out as just an assistant at Scarlet, but by the end of the show she takes a leap of faith that is seemingly paying off for her. Oh and she was involved with one of the board of directors at Scarlet. You’ll have to watch to see what happens with that. Yikes!

Jacquelyn Carlyle, editor-in chief at Scarlet. A BOSS! And she gets it done like a BOSS. Literally.

Reasons you should watch:

  1. The friendship. Duh. What girl doesn’t love her friends. The friendship between the three characters is so relatable. They support one another, they are stern and tell each other how it is, they laugh, cry and push each other to the next level.
  2. GIRL POWER. Each one is powerful on her own but they are a force when they come together. (Thanks Ne-Yo for that line) The show let’s us see how powerful women can be and ARE in the workforce. These ladies are determined to be who they want to be and that is the most powerful thing- knowing and pursuing your identity.
  3. The storyline. It’s incredible. Although often times, unrealistic, but hey we can all dream can’t we. It’s a mix between Sex and the City and The Devils Wear Prada. Issa Vibe. That’s all I know. It’s a show for the girls. It’s a conversation.
  4. The FASHION. What woman doesn’t love great fashions?! While some pieces are high-end, some are not and that’s what I love about it. It makes women like me watching feel great fashion is obtainable and doesn’t have to break the bank.
  5. Teachable lessons. About love, friendship and work. One of the best things I heard on the show was when Jacquelyn said “Fear causes bad behavior” HOW TRUE IS THAT! How many bad decision have you made because you were scared or better yet, how many potentially good decisions did you miss out on because of fear.


Melora Hardin as Jacquelyn Carlyle, Editor-in-Chief

It’s a great show. It’s fun, socially and culturally aware. It hits issues in the media face on. Even in one episode Jane faced her biggest fear- a health issue. And let’s not forget the phenomenal storyline of the season finale…. such a tear jerker but I never felt so proud to be  woman as I was during that episode.


If I had to rate the show I would give it a solid B+. Which in my book is really good, compared to some of this other nonsense on the television. It’s a refreshing break from reality television. In fact this show seems to more inline with my reality than the reality shows.

Would I rewatch the show? Absolutely! This show has made it on my MUST watch shows list.

Free Form you got it right with this show. It’s time for the ambitous, determined women to stand up! The Bold Type said so.


Check it out for yourself on HULU or Free Form, it’s only 10 episodes.

Let me know what you think.


*Photos are not mines. I have no rights to photos posted on this post.

**Part of a New Series by me called R3: Review, Rate, Rewatch



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