Get the stepping

In this season things may not be going as planned, in fact you may have drifted into unknown territory.

Well I’m here to speak a word of encouragement to you…

“May the stumbling blocks in your life become your stepping-stones”stumbling block

That thing that is causing you the most grief, the most heartache and the most pain will become the thing that helps birth the best season of your life.

God promised in Romans 8:28, that all things work together for good to those who love God.

Meaning God won’t let you miss a beat. That which is for you, will still be for you.

So when faced with a stumbling block, instead of complaining about it, think God must want to take me higher.

“So get the stepping….”

Don’t allow it to become this negative fixation in your life. Turning those stumbling blocks into stepping stones with your faith. Don’t have that kind of faith, then level up!

Pull out every scripture you know and speak to those blocks until then turn into stones.

It ain’t over.. God is about to give you something to talk about.



Kay King






Whatever it is that is holding you back, causing you to stumble when the way seem clearwhatever it is that is keeping your from pursuing, loving, laughing, seeking, dreaming.. may it

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