You may be bitter if:

bit-ter: resentful or cynical, hard to bear; grievous; distressful

  1. You have difficulty resolving conflict
  2. You have outburst of anger
  3. You’re always on the attack
  4. You’re very critical
  5. You’re always trying to get revenge
  6. You’re holding grudges
  7. You’re jealous of others
  8. You have a negative attitude
  9. You talk badly about others
  10. You’re never happy for those around you


Use these scriptures as point of reference:

  1. Matthew 18:21-22
  2. Daniel 9:9
  3. Mark 11:25
  4. John 8:7
  5. John 16:33
  6. Psalm 51:10
  7. Ephesians 4:26
  8. Colossians 3:13



Father, I acknowledge that I’ve held resentment and bitterness against _______________. I confess this as sin and ask you to forgive me. And because I ask for forgiveness, I know I also must forgive. So Lord, I  forgive __________________. Remind me, Lord, to not hold any more resentments against this person, but rather help me to love this person unconditionally as you love me.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Want to learn how you can uncover bitterness and uproot it. Check out my article, Dealing with Bitterness.

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