Single Girls Guide: You Made It

DBFB3AB2-924D-4A61-A115-5F89B7312A70So you made it through Thanksgiving dinner… S I N G L E.

You made it through all the questions with your nosey pressed family members and you didn’t even throw back a slick comment. Well maybe one.

My biggest lesson was learning that God is the master planner of my life. Not my biological clock, not my friends or family, and certainly not that time-table I put together when I was younger.

Once I checked that lesson off, it made it easier for me to trust God in the area of my spouse and marriage.

A lot of people won’t understand how you can be happily single. They won’t get it but guess what who cares. You’ve seen enough unhappy marriages ending in divorce to know that that’s not the life you want.

I’m happy for you!

Cheers to you Sis for trusting and believing God’s plan for your life! 🥂

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