I want to start dating, but it ain’t gon happen like this

Listen!! This past week I had THE biggest EPIC fail of my life. I mean worse than the epic fail a relationship I had with my baby daddy.

Yes. That bad. Sisssss…. listen to this.

I came into the new year saying how I wanted to be open and make myself available to dating. I even prepared a mock meeting conversation and went over everything I would say. Don’t call me crazy, call me prepared.

However, last week, all that preparation went out the window. I had to ask myself how is it that I can talk to men that I’m not interested in but men that I could possibly be interested in, I don’t say a thing.  What’s that all about? Do you have an answer for me? Help a sister out.

So this is what happened. I was in the elevator and my thigh high boot was untied. Yasss sis, I hit them with the thigh high boot at the corporate job. (Try at your own risk, I gots no room for you if it goes south) My friend noticed and said something to me about it, I looked and said oh, I’ll get it when we get to the desk. The guy in the elevator looked and said oh it’s untied, I can get that for you. I laughed because I thought he was tryna be funny. He said no, I’ll do it for you, isn’t that the chivalrous thing to do is? I said okay. The elevator door opened, we stepped out and he tied my boot for me. I thanked him and turned to walk away.

I came around the corner and my friend was like so who was he. I’m like I don’t know, he just tied my boot, I thanked him and walked away. #EPICFAILfacepalm emoji

I know what you’re thinking, how dumb can she be. Sisss, I feel sick just even talking about it.

Now he’s like a ghost, a mystery. I let that chance get away without even providing him my name. How tragic is that? Sis, I got a knot in my stomach. I could have been going on a first date next weekend. Could’ve been getting married in a year… okay maybe that’s too far but you know what I mean.

Ladies, we’ve got to stop this. We won’t ever catch a man’s attention if we continue to be shy women, acting like we don’t want to when we want to. Now am I recommending you throw yourself at a man, ABSOLUTELY NOT! Please don’t. If you do, don’t say Kay told you. Un unh. Forget you know me.

Public Service Announcement: NO MAN WANTS A DESPERATE WOMAN.

It appears smiling and giggling won’t work in 2018. Obviously, I didn’t get the memo.

I’m thinking we may have to start extending our hand and introducing ourselves. Oh you already do that? Well when were you going to tell me? #TheseSistersAintLoyal lol

I am smart enough to know though, even if we did do this, it doesn’t guarantee that anything will happen. But hey at least we won’t have to be like me, sitting around kicking ourselves.  I mean I’ll be here for you if it happens, but we only get one  #EpicFail of 2018.

Can’t believe it’s only 15 days into the year and I’ve already used mines.

Lesson for this week ladies is this, get the name, give your name. DO SOMETHING other than what you’re use to.

Share with me some of your epic fails when it comes to meeting guys. Want to share your story online, tag #AskKayEpicFails let’s let these be a lesson to our other sistahs out there!


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3 thoughts on “I want to start dating, but it ain’t gon happen like this

  1. I completely understand this but it was last year. I transferred locations with my job. As I was leaving, new people were coming in. This guy started talking to me like two weeks before I was leaving. I have an event planning business and he owns several bars with party rooms. Long story short, after months of emailing we decided to possibly partner up with an event. I was supposed to meet him there but he got stuck at another location and asked his friend to show me the space. As soon as his friend showed me, we taalked for a while and I left. For me there were a lot of factors for leaving but who knows what would have happened if I would have stayed. A year worth of emails later, things have slowed down drastically. We went from talking every day to once every couple of weeks. Smh. Oh well. I will never know now!

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  2. Oh honey, I understand. I have one man that I’ve talked to before, but when I see him (I think) I do a double take and wind up wondering whether it’s him. Then he’s gone and the fogs clears and EVERY TIME I think, ‘Why didn’t I just say his name???” What’s wrong with me???


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