New Series: Church Girl Gone Wild

Allow me to reintroduce myself…. my name is Kay. I suppose that wasn’t much of a reintroduction but it’s been a minute so I felt it was needed.

First things first.. where have I been?

Where should I begin, I took 2018 to focus on my finances. I took myself from a credit score of 589 to a 698 in 1 year, with a bulk of the increase happening in the first two quarters of 2018. I was obssesed with paying off debt, then I found out I was in position to purchase my first property, so then that became my obsession.

I went to a first time home buyers class in March of 2018, then I found the NACA home buying program and went to that class in April of 2018 and met with a home buying counselor in May of 2018. From there I became obssessed with saving money from my new property. NACA did not work out but through a great friend I was introduced to a mortage lender and they got me prequalified in August of 2018. I had found a awesome realtor the month before and dby November 2018, I was under contract. Fast forward to June 2019, when I closed on my first property. So now I’m a home owner and I’ve been dealing with that.

That isn’t the only new thing going on in my life. I met a guy. Yessss a mannnnn. I still can’t even believe it. And I must say we met through a mutal friend. I spazzed out on our first date, which happened to be his birthday… but we’re 2 months in and we still hanging in there. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that.


I’m writing to tell you about my new serious “Church Girl Gone Wild”, I know you’re probably wondering what it’s about. And honestly I am too, but so far I’ve decided that it’s a series about transparency and my new journey with God. A lot of people will tell their glits and glamour story about how they have life all together and how they talk to God 23 hours a day, pray 5,000 minutes a day etc. I am not saying anything is wrong with that, but that’s not my story right now. So I didn’t think it was fair to my audience to shut them out of this part of my life.

I want to be as transparent as I can with my walk, the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, the ups and downs. I can only tell my story, I’m not trying to impress anybody, but hopefully through my transparency and truth it will some how help someone else.

I don’t know my whole story, God does, and I know He’s not a bit surprised about what is happening right now. I just want to journey with Him. Trust Him.

So here’s to my new weekly series… Church Girl Gone Wild.

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